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Aya Revolution (Ayacon 2009) Videos

Selection of videos I saw at the con which I thought were good
Edits as I find more.

Chocobo rap:

Team Giblet's Resident Fantasy Skit:

SalaryMan Vs Godzilla... Kinda

Manchester Zombie Walk 09

Just back from the zombie walk through Manchester for Zombie-aid. Was really good fun. I went as zombie Alice from Resident Evil (thanks to the two girls who got my costume ^_^). D went as a guy with severe neck trauma :) and most of my mates who went work as biochemists by day so turned up in bloodied lab coats :) One also went as an Umbrella lab personage :)

There were lots of fine costumes, my favorites being the Gentlemen Zombies who we decided to call Mr Rigor and Mr Mortis esq "Well, ism't this spiffing!" "A trifle gruesome for me, I'm afraid!" When we set off, I was walking next to them but I had to wonder off as I couldn't stop laughing which kinda spoils the whole thing :P
Also, I loved the Zombie Postman who stopped off part way to attempt to post a letter, with little sucess.

The best bit was the reactions from passers by. When we set off, a group went and banged on the windows of Pizza Hut, leaving bloody handprints all over the glass. So once everyone cottoned onto this, loads of random places were covered in handprints. There was one annoying woman protesting about people trying to touch her Merc but I lot of people really liked it and joined in and everything. 

Lots of people had brought their children in makeup too, which was really cute. I tried to get a photo of this toddler but her mum was asking her to do her zombie dance so whilst it was possibly the cutest thing ever, the photo came out blurry :P

Other highlights were people running into a kebab shop to ask for handfuls of tomato ketchup, which the guy gave them :); people loving John's amputated arm (genius, though he'd cut off his circulation by the end of the walk); zombie with a head-crab from Half Life; Zombie fireman; Zombie bike riders; zombie guy in a bathrobe and slippers; people with random things sticking out of them including a sword, a pipe, a bottle and a hairbrush; one guy with an eye hanging out and one guy crawling along the floor for a photo, then getting mobbled by a gang of people who tried to eat him.

So yay, great fun :) Unfortunately, they were about 100 or so people short, so they didn't break the world record. They did raise about £2000 though and there will be another one to go to in October. Just need to decide my costume... favourite options so far are zombie lollypop lady (no idea where to get the lollypop from), zombie Village People, zombie scout troop or zombie McDonalds employee.


Probably one of the best bits about anime conventions is seeing the fan-made stuff, like cosplay, the artroom, anime music videos and the omake. I was you-tubing one of the amv's that was one this year and it suggested some omake links so I got all nostalgic and started looking up ones from previous cons too.

So, in my continuing mission to get people who normally don't like anime to like it, I've together some of the best AMV's and omake skits that l've seen at conventions. They're behind the cut since they're embedded and take up a lot of room. Unfortunately, there wasn't a professional recording of the omake at any of the conventions so most of the clips are ones people have taken on their phones. I'm impressed how much effort some people put into them, I wish I could think of stuff like this! It's a shame people went to lots of effort as well and it'll just drift into the ether because they didn't record it :(

Anyhow, even if you don't know the series, stick with it, they're pretty funny even if you don't get all the references (more like The Simpsons than Family Guy :P)

Nov. 17th, 2007

Stole my latest userpic from just_discover. Thank you kindly.

This one overlaps with my mechanomancers craze but there was another one which works with my Heartless craze... Hrm, stupid free account, only 6 userpics :(
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Amecon 2007

Photos and review over on my old journal



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